Rates / FAQ

The most frequently asked question in regards to my photography is HOW MUCH? Well, I cannot give you exact numbers like one of those mass production places. I give you quality and focused time along with quality developing from Loxley Colour.

If I am shooting an event or portrait session, my rates are generally £150 for the first two hours and £50 for every hour afterwards. This includes the cost of a CD or DVD with your edited images on them and also the availability of ordering prints via my website delivered direct to you. This rate is negotiable, especially for charities. Contact me for details.

There are a few questions that I’ve received over the years, so let me attempt to answer them:

  1. Do I ever release all my images? – No. I might be good, but I’m not perfect. Photographers rarely ever take perfect photos every time. Someone might move, something might get in your shot at the last microsecond… it could be anything. For that reason, I just don’t release everything.
  2. Do I ever release unedited or RAW images? – No. Absolutely not. I don’t want you to see my vision until I am happy with what you will be seeing.
  3. Can I get you your images the same day or over the weekend? – I’d say 99.999% probably not, but it really depends on what I’ve been taking photos of.
  4. What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life? – Why, 42 of course!